2nd Global Meeting on the Gran Chaco Americano

T ogether with the organization Redes Chaco, we organized the 2nd Global Meeting on the Gran Chaco Americano. Join us! It will take place on September 19-21 at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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One thousand participants will exchange information and their perspectives as to how to tackle the most pressing issues that affect this large region of Latin America. Special attention will be given to the issues of access to water, the local economy, the resolution of territorial conflicts and the regional impact of climate change.

Redes Chaco is a network of civil society organizations present in the three countries that contain the Gran Chaco Americano region: Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. In Redes Chaco members participate at a tri-national level; participants include members of municipal governments, small producers, indigenous communities, university institutes and NGOs. At the event, there will be participants from all three countries, including NGOs, native communities from the area and regional producers.