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At the beginning of 2014, Ferrero called upon Banco de Bosques to create the Kinder Natoons advertising campaign for the Easter season. Banco de Bosques thought up the idea as well as the content for this campaign’s cause, whose objective was to support a project that seeks to bring back the jaguar to the Iberá Wetlands. A video was created and there were point-of-sale interventions.

The campaign’s drive was that, for each Easter Kinder Gran Sorpresa Natoons egg, the Yaguaraté Project will receive support. Also, a children’s drawing contest took place, the winner of which was given a trip to get to know the Iberá Wetlands and the project area.

Banco de Bosques was part of the prize organization and accompanied the winners – mothers with their children – throughout the trip to Iberá. It was a campaign with a lot of creativity, good results, and above all, great technical expertise regarding the issue at hand.